Narasimha Mehta @ Narsi Mehta

Narasimha Mehta @ Narsi Mehta

I think must have either heard or hopefully appreciated the famous song “Vaishnav jan to ”  here are some tit bits about its lyrcist

Narsi Mehta

 Considered to be the foremost poet-saint of Gujarat, Narsi Mehta’s (A.D. 1414-1480) songs (padas) are full of devotion of Lord Krsna. They describe in a most vivid and passionate manner the early life of Krsna, his love-play with the Gopis of Gokula and the basic philosophy of early bhakti cult. Narsi Mehta’s style is both simple and moving, and consequently the impact of his songs can still be felt in the villages of Saurashtra (Gujarat) where they have become part of the folk tradition.

“Besides being a poet, devotee and saint, Narsi Mehta was also a social reformer. Though born as an orthodox Nagar Brahmin, he was one of the strongest critics of the caste system and its evils. His naturally sensitive and loving nature revolted against the treatment of untouchables by his castemen. Narsi knew no caste distinctions; he looked upon all human beings as the children of Hari (Harijana).

 “A hundred songs, representative of Narsi Mehta’s philosophy, social message and the portrayal of love-play between Radha and Krsna (Radha-Krsna lila) are for the first time translated into simple and direct English verse.”

Based on his literature work, Modern Gujarati language born from old dialects of Sourashtra.

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  1. bosuva ramesh
    செப் 29, 2011 @ 07:10:49

    amrea menkhan geethun anghu jughuya awno bhulogum askinak
    amrea pathi kalano……..


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