Sourashtra Saint Srimath Padara Mannaarya Swami

Srimath Padara Mannaarya Swami lived at Tamil Nadu Tanjure.  He born on 1768 at Tanjure Ayyampettai taluk.  He is a scholer in Sanskrit, Andhri (Telugu) and Tamil.  He belongs Vedanti sect. of hinduism.  He preeched Sri Bhashyam, Srimath Bhagavath Gita, Rahasya thraiyam, Thiruvaai Mozli and thought the above hindu religious knowledge to many people.

He is a student from a Brahman from Andhra Vaishna sect.

The King of Tanjure Saraboji-II praised his knowledge and gifted a house at Ayyampettai taluk Tanjure.  The decendents of Padara Mannaarya swami are coverted that house as muttt and making worship in that house.  That house exist in Door no 25, Sri Prasanna Rajagopalaswami kovil Kilath theru, Ayyampettai.  He is Vaidik and Yogi.  He wrote many Sahitya in Sourashtri Language.  It is said that by his Upasana power, he re-birthed a dead child.